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ANSI/ISO/ASQ 9001-2008 Standards

The purpose of MWM’s Quality Assurance Department is to support continuous quality improvement. Our quality control processes follow the guidelines of ANSI/ISO/ASQ 9001-2008 Standards in conjunction with a comprehensive set of Management System Procedures and Work Instructions. MWM’s quality program is designed to minimize quality deficiencies and delays in processing, enhance productivity, and increase customer satisfaction through the detection and prevention of defects and potential operation enhancements in procedures, systems, or material by applying continuous improvement methodology.


As part of MWM’s rigorous routine of measurement and design, digital data is transferred to our expert staff of CAD designers. A highly precise FARO arm develops an exact digital blueprint of each shape, panel and bend. Quality assurance is guaranteed with MWM’s two (2) eight ft. and two (2) twelve ft. Faro Arms that can measure and document parts as large as 24 ft. or as small as a few inches.


Our Virtek Laser QC Inspection System has the ability to quickly and accurately scan and produce 1st Article Inspection on any flat component during all phases of manufacturing.


All armor materials are certified, batch-tested and completely traceable. To verify and ensure the integrity of our product, we can trace any part used in armoring any vehicle back to the heat lot and plate number. We build prototypes prior to full-scale live production and test them to failure. Upon component failure, massive reengineering and remanufacturing follow careful evaluation and inspection processes. We continue this process until the product has reached optimum performance.

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