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Metal Works Mfg. Co. has a state-of-the-art paint facility that delivers the highest quality while offering a cost-efficient application for a variety of products.

MWM specializes in CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) paint. This type of paint is commonly used for military vehicles to protect against chemical and biological weapons. Our paint facility is capable of handling large parts on our batch side (Trucks/Capsules) to our fully-automated parts line which has been evaluated and certified by some of the leading OEM’s in the military and industrial markets. We have capabilities ranging from a few inches up to 4′ x 6′ and 800 lbs.


STEP 1: PRESSURE WASHING Parts are staged for the pressure washing process. Aluminum parts are pretreated with Bonderite 5700 non chrome cleaner. 250°/2000 PSI is more than adequate for preparing the metal for the blast booth. A post-wash quality assurance water break test completes the process to ensure all contamination has been eliminated before moving to the next step. Our “waste 2 water” pressure washer is a unique design that uses microorganisms to consume the waste washed away during the process. The water then goes through a filtering system and is reused.

STEP 2: BLASTING Preparing the metal before paint is as important as painting the part. Our Wheelabrator blast booths are a full recovery floor, state-of-the-art design. Our QA department performs post-blast profile tests, which dictate the amount of primer needed to ensure proper coverage for maximum durability in the field.

STEP 3: PAINT PREPARATION As a final cleaning step before entering the paint booth, all parts are cleaned using industrial vacuums and masked using special masking tape. Special plugs are inserted into all threaded holes. All parts and assemblies undergo an intense inspection before primer and top coats can be applied.

STEP 4: PRIME & PAINT The parts are primed with customer specified primer and topcoat – We adhere to customer specs when priming and topcoating blasted profile to prevent rusting in the harsh environments these products are subjected to.

STEP 5: FINAL FINISH The parts are moved from the paint booth into the oven for force drying, and undergo a complete quality assurance check before shipping. Continuous Flow Processing is as important on our “Batch” side as it is on our Automated Parts Line (APL). We’ve designed a cart with similar characteristics to the APL with dollies and rail type applications. The new carts are easy to load and unload and can handle multiple parts. Innovation and initiative are part of our standard operating procedure.


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